Hey, are you a software tester?

Collaboration on mobile UX

We help mobile building software companies that want a collaborative tool to streamline the work of developers, designers and testers including user feedback into better products.

The Dashboard

Team environment

Invite your team and work in a collaborative environment. Start to improve the UX of your product by reporting video bugs and screenshots.

User Research

Create focus groups and let end users test your mobile application and see things through their eyes. They can submit bug reports and video clips suggesting improvements while you can track and analyze heatmaps.


Create focus groups and start analyzing the taps and movements of your future end users inside the mobile application.


Improve the design by creating screenshots and submitting them to the dashboard. Go as far as discussing pixel by pixel possible improvements.

Record the screen

Record you user experience inside your app after installing the iOS or Android framework and submit possible improvements to the dashboard for a better collaboration with the development team.

Available for iOS and Android

Download and install the available frameworks and start testing, recording and improving the UX of your apps.

A better and easier way to do mobile testing starts with UXRecord.

We include the possibility to see and submit videos, screenshots gather heatmap data and include general statistics about the usage of the app, offering the possibility to work collaboratively with team members based on specific numbers.

Record face and sound

Record feedback to help the developers and UX designers understand where there is a need for improvement.


Activate the security function when you need to share a video that needs to be private.

Report design issues

Easily make a screenshot and submit the problem to the designers to look into more details.


Activate the heatmap and let your focus groups test your mobile application.

See through the eyes of your users


We believe that user experience is truly the future in creating amazing products. That’s why the 1st framework can be used in focus groups and internally with your core development team in the pre-launch phase.




Sounds interesting?

In about a month we’re going to launch UXRecord. It’s going to be free if you subscribe now.