Why trying better tools inevitably leads to higher profits

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You’ve tried too many tools. I get it.


Many of the tools you’ve tried have been disappointing. What was the reason?
Well, they sold you a story so big that there was no way that the product could have risen up the hype.

Many times you get promises such as improved collaboration.


But what does that even mean? Does it solve your problem? Do you even have a problem collaborating in the first place?

Probably not.

You see, I believe that a tool can’t solve problems such as poor collaboration. People need to talk to each other. They need to use empathy. They need to like working together. A tool won’t solve these issues. That’s the cold hearted truth.

There are many companies that promise you this benefit. We do too but there’s a slight difference.

We created UXRecord so that it can improve the way people collaborate on a better UX for their mobile apps. See the difference? It enables people to have a space to collaborate on better UX.

A quite realistic goal for a tool.

If your team can’t really stand each other, we can’t help. If your team doesn’t have a common vision and a common set of values, we can’t help either. It all boils down to how people want to work together.

For all you’re concerned the tools you already use work. There’s no need to change them. That’s unless you take into account the whole point of what we know we can help you with.

You get an online collaborative space that makes it easy for the whole team to work together. What do we mean by easy?



– Everything you need in one place. You won’t need to have 4 windows opened to understand what is going on.
– A simple, easy to navigate interface. It won’t suck all the cheer out of you by looking like Windows 95.
– You won’t need to waste time explaining in 2 paragraphs of plain text what you need to change. Just draw a red circle on a screenshot of the problem. If you do need to write something you can easily correlate your drawing with text. Also @tag the exact person you wish to notify.
– Obviously, many other things that build a tool which you’ll be using for many years to come.

I think you would agree that recording the face of user testers opens the door to a lot of possibilities for UX. Many companies buy external cameras that they mount on top of mobile devices to do this.

That involves higher costs for everyone and on many different levels.

UXRecord allows recording both the app interface and the person’s face simultaneously. Without buying additional hardware. It uses the camera of the actual device for that.

You get usability tests from hundreds, if not thousands, of testers. At that point, it gets a bit complicated to see an overall experience with your app.

This is where the heatmap comes into play.

Why do only websites have this option? No idea. But we do offer a heatmap option to test your mobile application.

We could go on and on about what you can benefit from using UXRecord. But I think you should try it for yourself.

Worst case scenario you can say you tried yet another collaboration tool.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up for free 🙂

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